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  1. How exciting to be in the town where Northern Exposure was filmed — one of my favourites too!

    I’m wondering — is that Marlon Brando rather than James Dean? There’s one way to raise funds — a writing competition about — The mystery of the James Dean (not) painting. When and how did it happen?

  2. What a cool town! Mom loved the show but for some reason she thought it was filmed in Canada. Great pictures can’t wait to see more of your stay. Love Dolly

  3. OMG my heart is there already. This is exactly the kind of place I can lose myself in and want to stay forever, especially since it’s surrounded by other towns like it. Imagine how much it must have cost to have that huge, gorgeous bar shipped over from England! And that mural of the miners is fabulous and such an excellent depiction of the town’s history. Thanks so much for this tour, Mary, I loved every second (and read through it twice!).

  4. They have yearly boat races down that spittoon at The Brick!

    Also, the Roslyn Cemetery is a trip through time before Obamacare and even health insurance. Each ethnic group that mined near Roslyn has their own area for burial.

    Back then, if a fellow, say Lithuanian, miner was maimed or killed, the rest of that group chipped in to ease or lift the burden for the survivors. “Take Care of Your Own” was the motto of that era, not “the government should do something”.

    I lost count of how many different groups were represented by burial areas and by well kept most of them were in this day! What history lessons that [lace inspires!

  5. Very exciting. I love that show Northern Exposure. Have watched it many times. I think it helped fuel my desire to go to Alaska. I hope to make it to the Roslyn one day. Have you ever been to the Alaskan town, Talkeetna, that inspired the show? It’s really cute.

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