Roxy and the Fox — 20 Comments


    That had to be a very scary moment, Mary. I always wondered about foxes…can they attack humans? We have seen them a few blocks from our home, and I’ve spotted one in our alley. They are gorgeous, but I fear them. And that poster you made of Roxy is HILARIOUSLY cute. Thank GOD you were there!

  2. Wow that really was scary, I’m so glad little Roxy is okay. She and Daisy share the same wolf spirit, I think! Little dogs, big self-image. LOL. I don’t know how you kept your cool so well, I’d probably have screamed when I realized what was happening. I agree, foxes are beautiful. We came across a few when hiking in wild grassy shore areas, but Daisy wasn’t with us, so I could relax and just admire them. I love the poster you made! :D

  3. I love to see fox, but the creep me out. There was one around here prancing around neighborhoods in broad daylight this spring. It actually ran behind Bailie and I when we were on a morning run one day. I was frightened but just kept running. Eventually he left. I think the same fox also came along behind us when we were walking one morning. He always stayed 10-20 steps back. I know my dogs could take it on, but the last thing I need is any trouble with a fox. Scary indeed. With a small pup like Roxy it is really scary!

    • That is a bold fox indeed. Your dogs are bigger, and would certainly give a fox a run for their money. But still, a fight with a wild animal is never a good thing.

  4. That is SO scary, I’m glad it turned out alright. It was always a worry for me when we off-leashed. Don’t you wish you had your camera though? ;-)

  5. Oh no, so scary, glad it all turned out OK! Foxes are definitely not skittish of anything, it always makes me nervous when you can’t scare a wild animal off! A friend had a similar encounter to yours on the road walking her dog, and that fox just sat and blocked the road! We used to have a lot of them around our old house, but never had any encounters with the dogs. One time one was sitting down in my garden area, outside the dog yard, just watching the dogs play ball! The dogs either couldn’t see it, or didn’t care (or sometimes they’re so focused on playing ball….).

  6. Better use lease from now on while in the mountains. My Co friends warned me about bears that are not scared of people and enjoy snacking on dogs. Be very careful when visiting the mountain forests. It’s wilde beastes home, you know!

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