Roxy and the no good very bad back — 32 Comments

  1. Hi Mary! I am so glad yoy found relief for her with Rimadyl! That is my “go to” med for my girls too! I also encourage you to look at the WiggleLess Back Brace…it helps LadyBug so much when she has a back issue pop up. Website is Lots of info there! It is also wonderful you have such a great vet….that helps immensely!!

  2. Its great you take elderly dog care seriously so Roxy can enjoy her senor years. It is so sad to find your youthful playful healthy dog kid aging and looking to you for relief from pain. I am grateful your passing this on to others. I have raised many senior pets and wished that I could have helped them more in their later years. You do have a good Vet who trust your judgement to refill and help you as you travel.

  3. With two long backed dogs, you are living my greatest fear… but I am so relieved that you found a way to manage it. Brychwyn had a terrible reaction to Rimadyl when he took it after his neuter surgery so I just hope if he ever had problems we could find something else. I am a huge fan of massage and acupuncture, for myself and my pets. A friend of mine had a rabbit with degenerative disc disease (arthritis) and acupuncture kept that bunny hopping comfortably for years. Honestly, the rabbit was probably larger than Roxy!

  4. What a great contribution to the Round Robin Mary. Thank you for sharing Roxy’s story.

    I’m so glad you found a way to manage Roxy’s pain. It’s so hard seeing our pets in pain and watching them slow down as they age. You are lucky in the fact that Roxy fits in your back pack, neither of mine will. ;-) (Although I’d like to teach them to ride piggyback. Wouldn’t that me something?)

    I imagine managing her vet care is probably a bit more challenging for you seeing as you are always traveling, having a vet that will work with you and listen to you is wonderful. I don’t know anything about disc issues, but am wondering about glucosamine, have you ever done any research on that?

    • She is allergic to shellfish. I have looked and looked for a dog glucosumine supplement that is not shell fish based, and nobody makes them. Only in the human stuff can you get it. Thanks for inviting me to be a part of the Caring for critters.

  5. I’m glad for your sake Roxy is a little thing– the backpack solution wouldn’t work for a Golden retriever! Here’s to many pain-free-as-possible years on the road!

  6. I’m glad you found something to help Roxy with her pain. Back issues are no fun at all, we’ve been dealing with Dottie’s spondylosis for about 4 years now!

  7. Nothing is worse than not knowing how to help our pups! I’m so glad that you found the right combination to keep her happy and healthy. She is such a cute little lady!!

  8. Poor Roxy; back pain is no fun at all. I am glad the Rimadyl works for her, but I feel compelled to say that many Retrievers have extreme (deadly) problems with this medication.

  9. It seems so odd to have back trouble when you are so small, but it happens at any size. Glad the Rimadyl is working and not hurting her liver.

  10. I can only say that you are giving Roxy great care. She’s such a loving little dog how heartbreaking it must have been to see her personality change. I know you said that its not weather related but I wonder if one of those little heated beds would make her more comfortable when she’s in pain. Like mom when she puts a heating pad on her neck. Thanks for sharing your story about Roxy’s bad back. Love Dolly

  11. The human sometimes get bad backache too and she just rolls around in bed, so we know how you feel Roxy! Good thing you have a solution for it! Stay well!

  12. Poor Roxy. I know what it’s like to live with a back that always hurts.

    Chester, at 12, still loves to hike a lot. If we overdo it, I can tell he’s uncomfortable for a couple days after.

  13. Awww, poor Roxy! Back problems are no fun at all! So glad that you found a solution for her pain that doesn’t otherwise compromise her health! Thanks for sharing your story :)

  14. Oh poor Roxy, back pain is awful! It’s great that you are able to keep her comfy with a little bit of Rimadyl though. She looks like a sweetheart :)

  15. I’m so glad that you have found something that works for her, and that there are no bad side effects from it. It’s so tough to see them in pain!

  16. Awe, poor little girl. I’m so glad the meds help. And I love that you can carry her in a backpack when she gets tired.

  17. I’m so glad that you’ve managed it so well, with no surgery. One other thing to consider, if you ever need it, is acupuncture. We had an old lab (14) who would wake up some mornings in such pain that he couldn’t walk (despite Rimadyl and tramadol). We’d drop him off to spend the day with our vet who would do 2-3 acuptuncture treatments during that day, and he’d come home like a new dog!

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