Roxy in the window — 16 Comments

  1. I have learned so much about POETRY through photography. With the latter, it is a given that you edit, and since it’s all visual, you are more apt to look for ways to change the photo. With poetry, it’s a bit different, or rather, it takes more time to learn that a poem also needs to be CROPPED and lightened, darkened or otherwise.

    The edited version of Miss Roxy is so much deeper in emotion, in contrast, and in composition! What a sweet little miss, never wanted to miss a thing. Mary, have another enchanting day. Anita

  2. We think dog paw and nose prints add a lot to boring windows. And that’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

  3. It’s amazing what will bother us that no one else might ever see. The screw in the window frame? The lines in the sofa? You’re as bad as me. I like it! :) And I also like the decision to go black and white. Perfect!

  4. What a gorgeous picture Mary! It looks so much better in black and white, the green was way too distracting. You have done a great job with the editing, the fur has so much texture in it and the little details like removing the writing and the window screw have really added to it. Great work! :-)

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  6. I just have to laugh that you removed the screw, lettering, and lines – it’s something I, too, would have done :) And while others might not have noticed it, it’s these little things that have made your final image so clean. Your choice of black and white was a great one too. My eye is drawn right to Roxy and her beautiful fur!

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