Roxy all snuggled down — 17 Comments

  1. I’m not having any trouble with Subscribe 2 that I’m aware of. I always have a copy sent to my personal email and I’ve been getting them OK. that might not mean everyone else is, but as far as I know they are.
    I have had trouble in the past, but ultimately the email went out, just hours later. I saw on FB that some people were having trouble receiving emails (Caren from Cat Chat I think), but I think that had more to do with server issues.
    And I did get your regular email on Friday.

    Great shot of Roxy! That sun looks so nice. We haven’t been getting much sunshine here lately and it’s very depressing!

  2. Well, this photo forced me to exclaim “aw” out loud and made my boys all snuggle in closer! I suppose that makes it the snuggliest photo ever… :)

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