Roxy’s Birthday Week Giveaway — 30 Comments

  1. there is so much canine wisdom in your eyes, Roxy and so much love… you are special… and it’s special to celebrate christmas&birthday together… have a super pawty!!!

  2. Oooo! COUNT ME IN! Please, please!

    And that Roxy, she is dynamite. She is one of few dogs who has an expression on her face, and is she every darling, Mary! Happy Birthday to Miss Roxy and enjoy your celebration! It’s been fun following you this year and I look forward to more beauty! Anita

  3. Bummer, with all the talk about sunshine and warmth, we thought the giveaway would be a beach vacation ;) Have a wonderful birthday week, Roxy!

  4. Happy Birthday to Roxy! She is a sweetie. Great series of photos. Happy Monday, have a great new week! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  5. Happy Birthday Roxy! Your photos of Roxy are absolutely lovely! Also loving your photos of wildlife, horses and mountains.

  6. Happy birthday, Roxy! I was totally raising my hand to win Roxy in the giveaway! She’s so cute!! But baring winning Roxy, I’d be happy to win some of your lovely cards! The scenery and sea glass shots are my fave!

  7. Happy Birthday, Roxy!!!! You become more beautiful every day. And you’re such a lucky dog to love and be loved by your mom. I hope that you do something special on Friday!

  8. Nature photos…sunsets and skies, are definitely my favorite. Roxy is just so, so sweet…you picked the best photos of her. Happy Birthday, Roxy!! We know you all will have a wonderful day together.

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  10. Today’s the day, so must post saying Happy Birthday to Roxy! Horses are my second love after dogs, so horse photos rank pretty high on my list of favorite photos.

  11. I’ve been perusing your etsy store as well, loving the framed prints, especially the lavender piece. Flowers again seem to be one of my favorite photo topics.

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