Ruffwear Front Range Harness and Flat Out Leash — 21 Comments

  1. Oh such darling “models” Mary!!!! AND….do you use a special lens to get such clarity? Anita

  2. We have to agree, Ruffwear looks to have some pawsome stuff. Mom is still hung up on the shoes, though. She loves those.

  3. They sound and look amazing. I went to their web site and read the other comments about the harness they make and only one comment was concerned how high up the front of it went so when their dog bent their heads down it went into the neck neck. Maybe it was to small. I was quite impressed and the colors. Just a change the subject;but last night and several nights on the news I hear how many lose their pets and how heartbroken the family is,,, and how they have searched everywhere. Well 4 out of 5 lost pets there was no collar with ID, no micro chip or anything to help get their beloved pet back. If one of my dogs gets lose, Reggie I doubt anyone could catch him to see ID. Out here in the country where there is livestock they get shot and asked ?’s later. WE stay home on New Year Eve and fourth of July so they don’t get scared to death or run away. Each year hunters come out with their dogs who end up lost and they go nuts.

  4. Wow, the leashes and harnesses look great! Do you feel like the snap on the leash is really secure, even for a dog who may pull or spin? I use a different Ruffwear leash for Ruby with a locking carabiner, because she is such a flight risk and I’ve had the usual snap style fail.

    • I feel it’s very secure. It’s like a claw, so there is actually double metal at the end. It’s aluminum and seems sturdy and lightweight.

  5. Nice products – I’ve been thinking about getting harnesses as I hate neck collars for walks and these look pretty good. Maggie would love that pink one :)

  6. Mom’s been tossing around the idea of a harness for Taffy (the puller). We just may have to give these a try, love the front hook option! Orange is definitely Roxy’s color just like the pink collar would look great on me! Love Dolly

  7. I’ll say it again – your pups make outstanding models! I love the beaded necklaces you made to complement the harnesses!

  8. More AMAZING-looking products from Ruffwear! We were just wondering about a leash with a more durable clip, and this one seems to fit the bill! Thanks again for sharing this review! *wags* – Gilligan from

  9. I love the colors and I love that clip too! I have problems with my fingers and thumbs sometimes and the standard type can be difficult for me. That looks much easier.

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