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  1. WOW! That wind is wild! And Torrey is loving life, and this is yet again another place where you can probably hear yourself thinking. I can imagine and almost feel the warmth of the sun in this wide open space.

    I just left you a reply on your reply from your last post. Truly Mary, your world is unlike many; most people are drawn (including myself) to the lush gardens of Europe or the US, or chic and trendy places to travel. But you have opened up another door of our world and I know you have something here to share on a grander scale.

    Clear and pure photos of a secret “garden” if you will – a place of meditation and a sacred beauty.


    • Yes, I can definitely hear myself thinking here. And I won’t mention that I was napping in the sun with shorts yesterday.

      I love the beauty here. The starkness of it, the ruggedness, just the difference. I’m glad I have opened up this world to you in a way you never knew existed.

  2. Gorgeous scenery and views.. I especially love your doggies and the last shot is neat too. Have a happy day!

  3. Hi Mary, great post. My wife, Ljuba, myself and our two Siberian Huskies, Boo and Togo, plan on boondocking there the third week of March. Hopefully it won’t be too hot by then.

    How difficult was the hike to the canyon from your base camp and did you run into any nasty cacti that could hurt your dogs paws? Love your blog and photos.

    • I’m glad you stumbled onto my blog, and I’m especially glad you like it here. It could be hot here by March. We’ve been lucky with great weather. Just an FYI though. This is our second time this winter staying here and the wind seems to blow more here than other places. We are camped on Palm canyon road. We drove to the very end and got on the trail going off to the left, north, from there. We went 1 1/2 miles in, but you could keep going. It’s mostly flat with washes to go in and out of. I keep Torrey on a leash on hikes like this to keep her out of the cactus, and possibly snakes. She does have desert hiking boots she can wear if I am comfortable with her being off leash. There is a link to my review of them under the favorite dog products page. Let me know if you have more questions I can answer. Are you full timers too?

      • No, we’re not full timers. I’m retired but Ljuba is still teaching. That’s why we have to wait until late March . . . spring break you see. However, this is her last year so who knows.

  4. The day we were in Kofa exploring, someone was parked literally right on the backside edge of the outside circle. Some people just don’t get it! What a way to ruin the moment of zen with the maze. Looks like you had a better experience:) It looks like the little solar lights are gone?! There were a few solar lights around the outer edge and in the middle. I thought putting them around the outer edge was good idea to keep cars away. Enjoy your Kofa adventures:)

  5. Oh I love the windy photo of Torrey!! It’s absolutely great.

    Tell me more about the Zen circle. Is it a walking meditation? I LOVE walking meditations!!

  6. Looks like a fabulous spot to call home for a bit. I always enjoy a good rainfall as it brings out the colors in the rocks. Wonderful shots!

  7. LOL! Love Torrey in the wind. On the North Sea it was always windy and this reminds Mom of how our ears used to blow up in the air all the time.

  8. Gorgeous canyon but I have to say that the photo of Torrey made me LOL!!!!!

    I love the canyon photo with the cactus in the foreground!

  9. What a beautiful place and it looks like everyone enjoyed your hike! How could Al resist sharing his sandwich with those faces though? LOL

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