Running wild and free — 18 Comments

  1. Love dogs running free in the grass! Unfortunately, Bailie and I can’t be trusted to run free because of our scent hound tendencies, but it sure looks like a gorgeous, fun spot!

  2. I love seeing bald eagles; they are so regal. We can find them in Florida, believe it or not, at Cape Canaveral where they launch space ships. The workers at the Cape have created protected areas where the bald eagle aeries are and there are even a few webcams during nesting season, I love the river and oh…what a spot under that willow tree! I bet Oz would love to run around that field too. Torrey looks like she is having a blast!

    • Wow, I would never think Florida had bald eagles. That must be fun to watch the webcams too. I am sure this pair had a nest somewhere.

    • Thankfully, ticks are pretty rare here. If I suspect they are around I will use a natural spray, and also do a manual tick check.

      • Thanks for the reply. My dog and I are in Massachusetts, right in the heart of Lyme country so I use a spot on and still need to do a hand check. She also gets a Lyme vaccine once a year.

  3. Paradise is right on your front porch and out your back door. I bet you feel like you could be anywhere in time without the hint of civilization; just out in raw Nature

  4. TWO bald eagles! That’s awesome – and rare (around here, anyway).
    Love the landscape there – looks so wonderful. That grass is so long, you can hardly see Torrey!

  5. I loved all the photos. Wow, those eagles! And the swan, and the duck with ducklings, and Torrey romping in the grass!!!! It looks like a great place.

  6. You guys just ROCK the RV World!! Now I really want to get back out there again!!! Not going to happen…the cottage is open now! What a gorgeous spot you are in!! Yeah…go ahead…stay a couple extra days!! Be careful of those swans though…you saw what attacked me in Myrtle Beach! :)

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