San Rafael swell exploring — 31 Comments

  1. Peace.

    What else does one need in order to create art? Mary, you must love what you do, because it comes right through the screen. LOVELY!!!! Anita

  2. Gorgeous views and beautiful wildflowers! And I love your cute dog! Great post, enjoy your day!

      • Ouch!!! lol! You zinged me! (albeit unintentionally!) I guess I will never know since I refuse to use my “real” camera…too annoying for me……I’ll just keep taking my crappy photos! xoxoxo

  3. Your photos are wonderful… it’s like wandering with you … I love the one with the single tree… it looks like a good place for a book and a drink :o)

  4. Did you run into any people walking around in space suits out there? I hear the Mars Society boondocks there regularly. Love to give it a try myself. Great pics.

  5. Such amazing views! Love the zig-zagging water reflection. That would have been neat on a bright blue-sky day as well.

  6. I second all that Anita said. Just so awesome and inspiring in its beauty. The colors were so vivid. I gasped when I saw the one of Torrey. Just wow. I want your adventures.

  7. Beautiful photos of the changing sky! Love the reflections. Of course, I love the wildflowers! The colors are very bright aren’t they! It looked like you were in between two weather patterns and stayed a little drier than we did in Torrey.

  8. Beautiful place to hike. The first photo is amazing, you captured the bushes, rocks, mountains, and clouds in four layers. Wow!!

  9. Wow. Just wow. Whenever I hear “desert” I think of bland, open space with little color or depth. I’m so ignorant! These photos are amazing, I can only imagine how breathtaking it was to stand there in person, soaking in all that beauty.

    • When I have the chance to be in a place like this, with scenery like this, I feel very lucky indeed. The desert is a beautiful place, but not everyone sees it.

  10. We were in the Swell for about the past 10 days!!! I wonder if we passed each other somewhere along the way. It’s an amazing place, still nice and quiet. It was fun being there for the rain and seeing the normally dry washes turn into rivers.

    I love your flower photos! Gorgeous Claret cacti and Gila flowers!!!

    PS I tried to ride my bike under one of those I-70 underpasses but it was filled with a sticky mud…
    PPS Did you visit the Head of Sinbad? We never have – we have a fear of too many ATVs there so we always pass on it.

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