Sandhill Cranes of Southern Arizona — 8 Comments

  1. Really amazing shots! I love the reflections of the trees in the water, too! I’m going to talk to my hubby about visiting there, next year. You got so many with amazing, and different light. Well done!

  2. One of the highlights of living in southern NM was watching (and hearing) these magnificent birds fly over our house. Miss them. Thank you for sharing them here.

  3. AMAZING! Fabulous foul gathering. Loved the vidio. Never have I seen so many together. Your so fortunut to have seen so many and the photos are just stunning. At one time long a go I read they were endangered. I guess we are all endangered. Fancy flight formation flying over with the sun setting i the background; and the reflection of the one with the tree was my favorite shots. Mary ; your just getting better and better. Your talents are appricated so much. Did Torrey go with you?

  4. Wow, the birds are amazing and so are the shots you got of them. What an experience that must have been to be there! Thank you for sharing. ♥

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