Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho — 13 Comments

  1. Good morning Mary! Another wonderful tour of your world. That snowshoe hare is DARLING! Our neighborhood bunnies’ feet are not EVEN that big, so this guy is quite impressive! And that porcupine, what a GREAT SHOT! The photo of the foggy tree area, oh that is stunning. Fog is one of my favorite photo “bombs” since it makes almost any shot stunningly magical. I know you probably had a relaxing fourth of July. Wishing you another great summer day to enjoy.

  2. After enduring loud fireworks for the past five nights with no one being able to get a decent sleep, your photos make your lifestyle even more appealing! The one cloud photo looks like a spade from a deck of cards! Cute porcupine too.

  3. As always, your photos are gorgeous! What a treat to see two creatures you’ve never seen before. And how nice of both to let you take their photo! Your photos always make me wish hubby and I could afford a similar lifestyle. Roaring creeks, beautiful mountains, and such stunning wildlife to watch. I’d take it all over fireworks any day! Looking forward to your next post!!

  4. That misty morning shot over the trees is gorgeous, and it looks to me like you found another heart-like shape in the clouds! Very cool pics of the porcupine. :)

  5. Hello, the mountain scenery is gorgeous. You had a great spot for the boondocking. I love the cute hare and the cool porcupine. I have never seen a porcupine in the wild. The flowers are gorgeous and I love the sky shot with the clouds. Awesome post. Good luck at your next show, I love the Tetons and Jackson Hole. Have a great day and week ahead!

  6. Great porcupine encounter. I totally share your sentiment on Sun Valley and Jackson Hole. I just wasn’t feeling Sun Valley but settled into Jackson Hole like it was home. Ah, definitely missing snow capped peaks and mountain meadows filled with wildflowers this summer. I’m counting on you for my fix!

  7. Wow, I love the mountain photos. I really feel like I would feel at home there. :-)

    I’ve never seen a porcupine, not even a dead one, as far as I can remember. That’s pretty cool you were able to get those shots.

    Bad news about the art show. I hope the next one treated you better.

  8. The porcupine is really cute. I just want to snuggle him. Oh, wait,(ouch, ouch, ouch) I’ve changed my mind. ;) The wildlife pictures are my favorite, of course all your photos are fantastic.

  9. I never get that good of a look at a porcupine, since if we see one, we’re usually chasing it out of the yard! :)
    It looks like you found quite the beautiful spot there. ♥

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