Sea Glass and Hearts — 24 Comments

  1. I have always wanted to do a mosaic, but haven’t tried it yet. I LOVE the sea glass…how cool is that HUGE piece! I’d love to go to a beach that actually HAD sea glass…I have not been successful in the last couple of years! I’m so sorry you had water in the RV…that is not fun at all. And rain…I’ve heard Seattle is famous for lots and lots of RAIN. Hang in there!

  2. the seaglass is gorgeous and the fact that a few were heart shaped, I consider to be a sign.
    I have a friend who makes seaglass jewelry and is always collecting it by Lake Erie…she would die for your find!

  3. Hi mary…very late to your post. My sea glass collection has been in a bag in my basement for 18 years now! Time to pull out the memories. Thank you.

  4. Man, you are finding the best stuff up there! I love the photo with the sea glass hearts on the big piece of sea glass! Might have to buy one of those! It would look great in our beachy-decorated house!

  5. I have found some pretty cool stuff. Part of me thinks, good grief, they must have dumped a lot of trash in the sound. Then I guess I’m glad they did.

    • Was just looking at the “Sea Glass 2” print in your online store, which I want to buy a copy of, but I’d also love to purchase one of the 2nd photo down in this post. Is that also available for purchase? I didn’t see it in the store. You can just email me at jackiebouchard at hotmail when you get a chance!

  6. No advice. I’m not artsy or craftsy. But my sister has made me a few mosaic projects and I adore them. Your nieces will love your gift.

  7. Seeing the sea glass reminds me of childhood holidays at the beach. My sister and I used to collect them as treasures. Thanks for the memories Mary, I hope we get to see the finished mosaics. :-)

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