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See beautiful — 23 Comments

  1. Well all good things must end. These pictures would make anyone love to be where you all are. These two beautiful sweet girls have been most places than most have in been in their whole life. This morning I woke up thinking someone had broke into our house. It was our three cats playing and running all over the place up and down the stairs!

  2. Oh wow, those sunset photos are just breathtaking. And of course Roxy and Torrey look absolutely beautiful… and cute… cute-iful… yeah, that’s it ;).
    Happy Seeing Beautiful!

    P.S. I shared our Soul of the Dog eye painting today, and I look over to the right and see that you have one of Torrey’s eyes! And the Doggitude painting of Roxy is amazing!

  3. All four of those photos are beyond beautiful! Those sunsets make me want to get out my pastels. And Torrey and Roxy look so huggable. ❤

  4. That is such beautiful country, and no wonder you are sad about leaving it. At least you always have those beautiful girls with you!

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