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See Beautiful – Wild nature — 19 Comments

  1. Beautiful animals. Our first thought (being more city folks) was that they were starting a campfire but then we figured out they were kicking up dust, being typical guys, trying to look all big and important ;)

  2. Great pictures! It has been awhile since we have been to Jackson Hole just to visit. I have always wanted to go in winter and do the sleigh ride through the elk refuge but we haven’t made it yet.We passed through in April 2012 on our way to South Dakota and got some beautiful pictures of the Tetons
    Bailey,Hazel,Greta & Mom

  3. Wow, those shots of the buffalo are amazing! Love the dust being kicked up – really illustrates the action that was happening. Makes me wonder how close you were. And how cute are those calves? lol

  4. Jackson Hole is a place mom wants to visit someday. It’s always Beautiful to witness such “plays” of Big animals. They can be very rough. Golden Thanks for sharing. Happy Seeing Beauty. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

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