Seeing beautiful birds — 16 Comments

  1. Pretty variety of birds and images. I love the Bluebird! Have a happy weekend!

  2. a nickle an egg or a leg was the price in the 60’s for a magpie bounty. Hard to believe these beautiful birds were thought of as a nusense around farms. Starlings are the worst birds nowadays for their bad habits. These photos are very unique Mary and they look as though they posed for you. The Raven one is my favorite because he looks like he is making a statement of how wonderful he or she is spreading his wings in flight like, ” I bet you wish you could be me.”Well carry on and keep on keeping on with your most amzaing talent and having a great eye to let us see the amazing world around us.

  3. You did get some great bird shots. I added the plug in too, but it’s a bad day for me to test it, since FUF doesn’t typically generate a lot of comments.

  4. I love birds, and these photos definitely do them justice! The magpie is very pretty, that is one I have never seen.

  5. It would be fun to be a bird for a day, wouldn’t it? Just sit in all those odd places, fly around, a whole different perspective on the world, but I’m sure not an easy life.

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