Seeing things in a different way — 14 Comments

  1. YES. YES!

    That glass turned on its side…brilliant.

    Those buildings from the underside…and yet when constructed, someone thought of giving the underside such ornamentation. Poetry is all around, and the lens of the camera is one eye that can find it. LOVE!

  2. me too… it is amazing how much different details we can discover there… and even when this buildings are old, we can see them new everytime we take a closer look :o)

  3. Hello, I prefer the older buildings. They have beautiful details and character. Great collection of photos. Have a happy day!

  4. I too think that glass turned on its side is brilliant!

    Fascinating how the juxtaposition of old against new heightens the beauty of the old. And that ornamentation is amazing! So beautiful.

    Thanks Mary — what an interesting and inspiring way to look at places and things.

  5. We love new stuff, but we also have a soft spot for the old if it is in the right setting. They are tearing down an old farm near us which is sad. It is falling apart, but it is so charming in that state. We wish it would be allowed to remain, but it won’t.

  6. I love your photo of that glass. It was hard to tell that it was a drinking glass and not a work of art!!!

  7. I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks of those glass giants as monstrosities. I can never understand how the same words used to describe old architecture with such incredible details is used to describe these shapeless behemoths. I don’t see them as artistic in the least. I’ll never forget being in NYC and hearing someone describe a big glass cube (no angles, no levels, nothing) as “beautiful”…it just didn’t make any sense to me. The detail underneath the old window is amazing – just the fact that builders thought to create such interest in a surprising place shows the thought and care that went into these old buildings. I love that about them, and many times you find that thoughtful architecture inside and out, in so many different ways. Lovely.

  8. This post makes me feel like I should go to our little town and look UP! There are many buildings that I haven’t really LOOKED at. Thanks Mary! And, I just love the glass!

  9. I like when older building are taken care of also. I could shoot photos of the opposite end of the spectrum. In my small rural town, low income and a lot of the building owned by people in other states and cities … our old building are not taken care of and more than a few are empty around the town square. I liked your photos and I agree about the new building looking out of place.

  10. The drinking glass was beautiful….and though I love old buildings I quite like that last picture of the glass monstrosity…it’s a great artistic rendition of the building that fills the frame and points to the sky. I like it a lot..not the building itself you understand, but your interpretation of it.

  11. I, too, admire the preservation of old buildings. :) You captured the beauty of these buildings.
    Thanks for sharing, Mary!

  12. I love to look at the old buildings, they have such beautiful details and craftsman ship. You are right, that glass building just doesn’t fit in.

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