Sharing the Wild Horses with my Nieces — 12 Comments

  1. My heart is singing!!!!!!!!!!

    You are so right, Mary. If nature takes a downward spiral, what are these children going to have left to connect them to the higher power that nature ignites? What natural history will be left to guide these kids toward studying, respecting and protecting our only home: earth?

    What a magical, unforgettable, first-time sleepover for these girls. They will never forget it, or you. LOOK AT YOUR LENS! Dang, you are well-equipped. And you know I’ll stay tuned for the next round-up of horses!

  2. Hello, your nieces are lovely girls. What fun to take them out to see the wild horses. Awesome series of photos, the horses are beautiful. Great memories. I hope the future generations care more for the wildlife and our earth. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  3. What a fantastic time for everyone – wish I could have done that as a child :-) I agree, this is how we get people interested in protecting natural places.

  4. You gave your nieces something they will never forget. How wonderful.

    Do you remember Amy talking about the photo safari Rod gave her for her birthday? Would you be willing to guide strangers? Because this might be a gift you could share with others that would help support you as well.

    I know that if I were in the area, I’d sign up in a minute.

    • Funny you should mention that. My sister said her landlord told her that someone is advertising to take people out to the horses for the day, lunch included for $200. I just don’t know that I could do it. It goes against my hermit club rules, and there is so many sticky things to worry about. What if they get hurt, what if I can’t find them, all that. If you were in the area, I would take you though.

  5. Mary! Those are amazing photos of a most beautiful creature. How wonderful your neices got to spend time with you and them!

    Hoping all is okay with you and yours!

  6. What a wonderful experience for them, and truly something they will never forget. Looking forward to more of these beautiful photos!

  7. What a wonderful way for the girls to spend their first-ever sleepover!! They will remember and treasure this experience all of their lives. My first-ever sleepover was with my favorite aunt and uncle as well, many years ago. :-) I’m looking forward to the promised additional photos. Maybe one day I’ll get to join you on a real-life visit to the wild horses.

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