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Shop dog report — 29 Comments

  1. Love the sculpture – your dad sure it talented! Looks like it takes a long time to make something like that… And I think the beaded cuffs are beautiful too!

  2. My mouth is hanging open, looking at all your (and your husband’s, Roxy’s daddy’s) work. There are no words to describe the artistry, skill and vision behind your work. I guess that’s what art is all about. I’m going to head over to your link on the Mountain Man Rendezvous. That has to be a great time.

  3. Whenever I hear another school has cut the arts to make more time for “practical” course work, I feel sad. Thank you for sharing your creativity with the world. And for reminding us that beauty is never an “extra.”

  4. Very nice! I’ve always wanted to get into sculpture and had even considered working part time for a foundry. But alas, time and money is always an issue.

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