Sioux Falls Sculpture Walk — 9 Comments

  1. What a GREAT PLACE! Lots to see there, for sure, and your photos. SWOON!

  2. I’m DYING here!!! Oh, how I wish I could see all of those beautiful sights!! Thanks so much for sharing your beauty with us! We stayed in Sioux Falls at the KOA there for just one night when we were passing through…but we didn’t have a car to go out sightseeing. We stayed at the Rafter J Ranch in Hill City…it was beautiful…as was the entire area. I truly loved that trip! The sculptures in your photos are just gorgeous.

  3. Thank you so much for the sculpture tour, Mary! The waterfall site is stunning. Enjoy so much of your photos. :)

  4. I love the sculptures – such a cool way to install them, one by one. And the photos of the waterfall are gorgeous. Too bad you didn’t have blue skies. You are moving a lot – I am looking forward to the next stop!

  5. Wow, those falls are really pretty! And love all the sculptures. Would be neat to get to see them IRL. Will have to see if we can swing that this summer.

  6. I really want to see this, my cousin is just down the Missouri river from there before Omaha, but I don’t think I’ll make it to Nebraska this year. It definitely looks worth the trip!

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