Smiles to Spare — 19 Comments

  1. They both just steal my hear, Mary. Torrey is such a happy girl, and Roxy too, but she speaks with her eyes, doesn’t she!


  2. Beautiful pics of beautiful pups. I can’t get over the size difference between Roxy and Torrey – what a great shot that is! I love how Torrey’s happiness beams from her entire face. I’m not surprised they both show happiness – they’re living the ideal life! How did the show go for you guys?

    • They are happy and I say all the time, I want to be my dog. Lol. The show was bad, very discouraging. Onward and upward.

  3. Hello, Torrey has a beautiful smile and Roxy is a sweetie too. I agree the paws are adorable. Great shots. Have a happy new week!

  4. You are right, paws are cuter than hands, but I’m glad dogs don’t have thumbs. They wouldn’t need us.

  5. Torrey’s smile is contagious and Roxy’s soulful face is just so adorable. I love that shot of the two of them together. Paws are definitely cuter than hands, so great job there!

  6. Torrey has an incredible smile – and I love her paws with different colored nails!!! Roxy doesn’t have a classic smile but her eyes exude happiness!!!

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