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Snappy H’appy challenge – Final week — 19 Comments

  1. Both of these a terrific! I love the playful font you used and the light around the bird is awesome. I also love the transformed flower. It looks totally natural too. Very nice. Phew… we’re Snappy H’appy survivors. ;)

  2. I;m glad you enjoyed it and stuck with us through the way! Thank you so much!
    Love the tree top song, am surprised the tip of the tree doesn’t bend under that bird though :D

  3. Ooh! New cameras are the BEST! So much fun!! I play with different apps and effects on my phone all the time…that is the only camera I use…it is just easier for me that way. I only have to carry one device. I have an app called Tadaa SLR and it truly takes the most amazing pics!!

  4. Nice!! One of my favorite parts of spring is listening to the birds sing. That’s a great photo, your camera is very good!

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  6. That little bird must be singing his heart out. So pretty! And great capture with your new camera and zoom lens. My Sony camera does a good job, but I could use a specialty lens to bring in those “far away” shots a little better, especially with wildlife.

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