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Snappy H’appy photo challenge week 10 — 22 Comments

  1. The slider helps a lot to give you a wider or small range for each colour, but it takes some getting use to. I especially like the 2nd picture because of the contrast between the fresh green and the more classic sepia tone. I’m glad you’re enjoying the challenge despite my tardiness :P

  2. I love playing around with image modification! I’ve been teaching myself Photoshop for a couple of years; totally addictive. Great pics here!

    Thanks for the visit over at Life In Dogs and for joining the conversation :)

  3. Very cool photos… love them! And, I am jealous of you being in the HIGH desert! I hope we get to see some photos!

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  5. Nice! My favorite is the delicate flower. I agree that it’s been great fun to try all these wonderful techniques and get turned on to so many new apps. JX has done a fabulous job.

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  8. I have PicsArt but have not tried this particular effect yet. I still have some catching up to do as I was building a new web site for several weeks, so am going to try this neat effect with that app.

  9. That path looks great with the effect that you added. Very atmospheric indeed.
    This challenge was great, wasnt’ it? I learnt so much. It is a bit sad it is over.

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