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Snappy H’appy photo challenge – week 7 — 39 Comments

  1. You’re right, I also love how it accents the texture of their fur. I will have to check out that app, I’ve tried sketching effects in some of the computer software and it just isn’t any good.
    Those two girls are so sweet sleeping!

  2. Agree – those are really interesting – the pink shading on Roxy is really nice. They both look very peaceful in their sleep.

  3. Holy cow Mary. These look like the best animations you see in many children’s books. I think I need to get tho app. Both girls look incredible!
    I might have to check out Snappy H’appy too! Thanks for sharing!

  4. All three of these came out really really well! You are right that the fur came out with such detail. Roxy looks so sweet in that bit of soft color. (and Torrey is always a stunner, even in black and white) Now did you actually take the photos in the app itself? I haven’t tried that yet.

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  6. While I love the colours in Roxy’s photo, I am more drawn to the black and whites of Torrey’s :) #2 looks so peaceful and #3 makes me notice Torrey’s beautiful eyes ;) Thanks for sharing!!

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  12. I love the color in Roxy’s photo best. It’s subtle with all the texture going on. Like a beautiful pencil sketch with just a “touch” of color. Lovely! Of all the apps I have tried in this challenge, I have not tried this one, but you can bet it will be added to my repertoire!

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