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Snow hiking — 26 Comments

  1. Roxy what a great dawg day that was…Iz never seen the snow stuff but you make it look like a whole lot of fun! Mom agrees that wild turkeys are silly birds but fun to watch…Happy New year to you and Torrey and your mom & dad!

  2. tell your mom to get a turkey permit so we can have a turkey dinner next time. Wild turkey is yummy

  3. You can try Musher’s Secret salve (or I recently heard regular old petroleum jelly may work) on Torrey’s feet before you go and you shouldn’t get snowballs sticking to them. Boots don’t work for Chester and Gretel so that is what I use.

    Where are you guys heading to this time?

  4. Snow? What is snow?

    Happy new year Roxy and Torrey! Travel safe. I hope you don’t meet more turkeys on the road, though what a great picture op that turned out to be :) x

  5. Hey Roxy, Hey Torrey, Jet here. Hi Miss Mary.

    Love your photos… as tropical K9s, we’re clueless on the white stuff. Torrey looks to be in her element (VBP). Roxy, love your coat… Travel safe.

    Wishing you a happy, healthy and abundant new year.

  6. Those are beautiful pictures. Snow is fun, but brown dawgs have to deal with snow balls collecting in their paws too. :) Have a safe trip south and Happy New Year to you!

  7. She’s cute!! And smart. If our greyhounds got snow packed in their feet, they’d just stand and wait to be rescued … or maybe that’s actually smarter! We do refer to ourselves as their servants, and yeah, they seem to expect it. It’s what they’re used to, after all, as racing dogs.

    Looks like a great place to walk, and for the dogs to have fun. We didn’t get any snow – we’re on the edge of the fens in England and snow is quite rare here. Winter is usually wet and misty with arctic blasts of wind that nearly take you off your feet!

  8. Oh, that is some good Monday Mischief! Rita’s never been in the snow. We need to take her. I bet she’d love romping around in it – once she got used to it…

  9. Are you guys freezing in the RV with that cold weather?!? Heading south sounds like a really good idea – where are you planning to go next?

  10. Always love to see dogs out loving the snow! Is that an Australian Shepard? Whenever I take my parents Australian Shepard out snowshoeing with us he has the same problem! He was the only dog I saw that had this problem until now!

  11. I would have chased after those turkeys! We get LOADS of snow where I live in Canada. Right now it’s super cold outside (minus 17) but it feels colder because of the wind chill. So I don’t like being outside for long if we’re just hanging in the back garden. Usually I like running around in the snow. You guys look like you had lots of fun.

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