Snow on the nose — 25 Comments

  1. Good morning Mary! Snow?YOU TOO? We are supposed to be getting some today after having 82 degrees this past Wednesday! Torry is such a lover of life, isn’t she! Have yourself a relaxing and spectacular day. Anita

    • Wow you are having crazy weather, what extremes. Thankfully the snow was gone in a day. And Torrey loves live very much.

  2. That is a great subject for black and white – really like. I am going to make a big effort to get to our snow this year – but it a bit of a journey!

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne

  3. Happy Easter to you and Al. Torrey is such a photo sponge. She soaks up every shot and gives you back such pleasing results. Hope you and your family have a glorious day.

  4. So cute!!!! Love the photo. Happy Easter to you too. We got snow last night as well. Good thing Easter Eggs are colourful. They’ll be easier to find in the snow. :)

  5. Happy Easter Mary! Whst a beautiful pic of Torrey! I’m so glad I am out of NY…snowing there today!! Not here!! Yay!

  6. We are trying not to laugh over you being in snow now that we have warm weather! Glad Torrey got to have some fun, but not poor Roxy, hope it warms up for you and her soon! Love Dolly

  7. Yes our weather is so capricious. When I lived in L.A., it was always just HOT. Then when we lived in Boston was when we first heard the expression, “If you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes then it will change.” How true that is for both Boston and Minneapolis!


  8. Oh no, from beautiful desert flowers to….that. LOL At least Torrey enjoyed it! We are so over snow here (OK, I am, the dogs are fine with whatever we get for weather).

  9. Torrey definitely looks good in snow, black and white and with snow on her nose. Jasper does the snow on the nose thing too. Always makes me laugh. Hope the snow melts soon for your sake Mary.

  10. We had snow yesterday too! UGH I am so done with it. But Torrey does look adorable. :-) I hope Roxy’s back is feeling better.

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