From snow to sun — 21 Comments

  1. And we too went from snow and -17 to sun and 40s! What is mother earth thinking…..

    The critters are like us; some of them just INDULGE in the snow while others say, “Get me outta here!”

    Enjoy your trip and be well, Mary! Anita

  2. I guess Torrey loses out on the vote for snow with 3-1 for warm sun! We are bumming here because it is going to be warm this week and our snow will melt. We want the cold and snow, so if you see any, send it to our place! Enjoy!

  3. I shall not dread winter but embrace it..I try to face each season with wonderment. I embrace the warmth of the Sun.the first day of winter is the 21st and a new season begins officially, but I look forward to the spring and summer where it all begins again.

  4. All of my dogs and I avoid snow at all cost. We keep it up in the mountains and occasionally look up at it while staying warm.

  5. I would SO much rather be sitting in the sun right now!! It is really damp and cold here right now with snow on the way! Good luck at the art show!! I love the picture of Roxy in the snow…the girls are like that until they get used to it…

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