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  1. Hello,

    Roxy and Torrey are so cute. They are great dogs. I am glad they are doing well and are happy dogs. Enjoy your day and new week ahead.

  2. Little Roxy is so sweet. It’s great you can take her along in her pack so she doesn’t miss out on anything. Getting old for any being is a tough thing, but she seems happy. I’m sure Torrey loves the roaming RV life, all the different places she gets to go and explore!

  3. It is sooo good to see these adorable babies!!! Torrey’s issues are similar to Dakota’s (Torrey is a herding dog too so I think part of their reactivity, spinning, etc could be in their genes?) Dakota is 11 and a half now and I am noticing aging issues with him too. It makes me sad.

  4. I notice a big difference with Sampson on the CBD oil, too. I’ve also put him on MovoFlex and I really think it all helps.

    It sucks watching them age.

  5. Both girls look great, and we love seeing them! It sounds like Roxy is really doing wonderfully for a senior lady. I’m glad the CBD oil has helped. I wish I had known of it to help my senior girls with their arthritis. I did know with Cricket, but with all the heart meds she was on, we didn’t want to add another thing. She was still happy and active until her last days though and that is the most important thing. Roxy definitely looks content! She is adorable, and Torrey is such a beautiful dog!

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