Social Distancing, from a Distance — 8 Comments

  1. Oh my, oh my, oh my. I’m sad you had to leave your owls too, and the rest. But look what you found! I hope no one disturbs you here. Looking forward to what else you find. Stay safe!

  2. Horses are fine, but we love the burros so much more! That antelope squirrel is pretty funny too. Stay safe out there in the midst of nowhere. It is a good place to be right now.

  3. I often wonder how these strange people find their ways to secluded places. Thank goodness you are safe! Sorry about missing out on the owls but now look at these cute Burros!

  4. I would rather be six week away then under. Your photos are extreme cuteness with these cutie critters. Stay well and just rub elbows with those you have contact with. We try to keep our distance; but not always possible.

  5. Gasp! Owls! How special that you were able to witness that for a little while!
    Glad you decided to move on and praying you can camp out at your current location safely.

    I think people actually believe being outside makes them immune to the virus.

    Love the burros!!

  6. You are so right. Being outside is always recommendable, but it’s smart to be a little wise about it in these days. You captured some gorgeous photos – once again.

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