Solstice moons and butterflies — 25 Comments

  1. YOU really know what you’re doing….even the expired butterfly has a living look to it, under your lens. Mary, I so enjoy your world! Anita

  2. Wow great pics. I’ll think you can add both the beautiful photos in your Desert Gallerie, side by side. They are the same yet so different though.

  3. Great pictures!
    The angles and shapes are very eye catching in the first desert shot; the scene is softer in the second.
    It will be personal taste which someone would prefer to look at.

    You can make both available :-)

  4. The moon and butterfly pictures are amazing, so creative! For the desert photos for me the first one looks a little over exposed so I prefer the second one. Love Dolly

  5. there is beauty even in death of this butterfly. The moon picture is mysterious. Is the moon dead to? Anyway great photos Mary! As usual you outdid yourself again. You need to put them all in a photo book for purshase, or a calendar.

  6. Those are all so awesome. I think I like the second photo that is a bit darker better of those two for the desert gallery.

  7. Love the stacked moon photos! Wonderful. As for the sunset, I think the second of the two you’re trying to decide between is my fave of the two!

  8. Gorgeous, all of them. Of the two the same, I like the first one more. The clouds have a bit more interest and I love the watercolor quality of the colors.

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