Some days you just have to go somewhere — 14 Comments

  1. Oh yes, I need to get away, often. But look where YOU get to go! This place has a sacred feel to it, and it’s a shame that vandals pay no mind to their conscience or the holiness of the human spirit, etched in antiquity. You have such wondrous places to share, Mary.

  2. It’s so cool and amazing all those rocks still have the pictures and symbols on them. I wonder how old they are?

    • Most of the petroglyphs in Utah are from the Freemont Indians, and they estimate them to be about 2000 years old. So not super ancient, but old enough.

  3. Hello, I would like to hike this trail and see the petroglyphs. Those pictures tell a story. Love the lizards and your cute dogs. Sounds the hawks are migrating, it is cool seeing the kettles of Hawks. People are so stupid, carving their names in these rocks, they make me so mad! Enjoy your day and the week ahead.

    • People anger me a lot, with their disregard for these sites. Finding petroglyphs has been a thing with me for a long time. Always so interesting.

  4. Some days I feel the urge to drive, but it’s mostly on a beautiful spring day, and Springsteen has to be playing. :-)

    Love the Petroglyphs, it really does make you wonder.

  5. I used to love driving – when I was much younger – but these days, other drivers (at least in South Carolina) scare the sh*t out of me. Especially the ones with their eyes on their damn phone “keyboards” instead of on the road ahead and the other vehicles around them! The ones who do it while transporting infants, toddlers, and other children REALLY tick me off.

    Anyway, I love the petroglyphs! They are always interesting! Thank you for sharing them with us! It’s truly a disgrace that some people have NO respect for nature and history (of any kind)! I’d almost like to give them a taste of their own medicine; but I’ll leave the vengeance to the universe an whatever god we believe in.

  6. We all need some adventures now and then, don’t we. And what better place than the desert. Those petroglyphs are amazing. I have seen some myself in and around Utah and Nevada, but this panel you show here is extraordinary.

  7. Those petroglyphs are so fascinating! We used to love to get in the car and just drive, but these days we’re pretty happy sticking to home.

  8. Those petroglyphs are incredible! The aliens always make me think too!

    I never just have to drive but I frequently “just have to ride” my bike!

  9. Oh yes, i have to drive and get out and wander, just like you did.
    Thank you sharing these, they are wonderful to see.

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