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  1. Sounds like a great place to visit! I have always wanted to explore more out West. This trip, we are heading south again…we are in desperate need of sunshine, flowers, and WARMTH!! LOVE those pictures of the pretty flowers you saw today. What an adorable picture of Torrey in the stream! I take mini vacations when I visit you!! Have a great day today Mary!

  2. Good morning Mary! On the road again….but I know you will continue to find treasures as these as you move along; with your eye and love for nature (as I have too), you will recreate things in new ways for us to see like never before. BRAVO! And Torrey is like me..feet only!

  3. Ahhh . . . Like your thought of doing your own frames. Would love to see the kinds of creative things you come up with and the photo selection for each frame. What a fun way to finish off a favorite photo.

    Have a safe trip to Utah.

  4. Waking up to 10″ of new snow on Monday and another 2″ yesterday, it isn’t real spring like here right now, but we are enjoying the snow. Next week will be 60, so it is coming. Beautiful little bird you found!

  5. I’ve never seen an Acorn Woodpecker or short-stemmed lupine. Thanks for sharing photos of them. Enjoy your travelling and time with friends.

  6. Torrey looks very much in her element in that photo! Daisy doesn’t even like to get her feet wet – I think she thinks that if there’s water, there’s going to be a bath, even if the water comes in the form of a huge ocean. :) That woodpecker is gorgeous.

  7. Well we are having nice weather and springtime here in Northern Utah and down south is great to. What a beautiful woodpecker. WE have them pecking on our house all the live long day and Mike scares then away, They make a racket and peck holes in the eves of our home and then the starlings get into the holes and build nest. Wild life gets even for moving into their territory. Happy safe travels!

  8. So sorry we didn’t know you were in the area. Darn! Our internet hasn’t been very good here at Point of Rocks. We are using the phone with our booster and it is still a little iffy so I am so far behind in reading blogs or I would have know we were so close. Maybe we’ll be near again in the coming months. We are heading to Sedona this weekend, then Bluff, UT for ten days, and then off to Maob for a few weeks. Let us know if you are in any of those areas, please. We will probably be heading into Colorado for a few month after that.

    • I remember not having good service there. We are leaving today for either Kanab, or St. George. We will be visiting friends for a couple of days in St. George, then going to Utah county for a couple months to get stuff made for the summer art show season. I would rather be going to Bluff, or Moab. LOL

  9. We’ve always enjoyed our stops in Prescott and since it’s starting to getting pretty warm around Phoenix I’ll be ready for our northerly trek. We’ve always enjoyed St. George and am interested in where you’ll be staying. Safe travels!

    • St. George is pretty, but it’s tough to find a place to stay. We will park at our friends for a couple nights. You would love Snow Canyon though. Nice campground there, pretty views and great hiking. Or, Sand hollow. That’s good too.

  10. That woodpecker is so cool – I’ve never seen one of those. We’re finally getting above freezing temps, so spring might really be coming. But I think it will be a while before we see any flowers or anything green yet. The dogs sure can’t wait for a chance to dip their toes in the water too!
    Hope you are having safe travels!

  11. It looks like it was a nice spot. That creek was crystal clear! I am with Torrey…only paws go into the water; nothing else. Safe travels to your next destination!

  12. Mmmm, I love the smell of the pines in Prescott. The last time I was there though, so many were dying off due to some disease or bug or something. So sad! Rita’s fave thing is to come across a stream while we’re on a hike. If it’s really hot, she’ll even put her belly in! :)

  13. We have a woodpecker around us. I can hear him, pecking away at the frozen trees. I often wonder if that hurts his beak or not. LOL

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