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  1. I want to get on a plane and go there right this very minute!! THAT is SO my kind of place!! It reminds me of some places that we found in Taos, NM…just tucked away in the middle of nowhere!! What FUN you must have had!! Love this…enjoy your time there.

  2. That is a great find and it looked like a fabulous imaginative gallery. We bet there were some cool things there. Goes to show you never know what is off the beaten track. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. I love finding places like that! This is especially neat fixed up in its southwestern flair. What a cool idea to convert an old motel!

  4. I love, love, love small towns and will always try and stop. Many years ago my MIL lived in a motel that had been converted into small apartments. It was pretty cool, and right next door to an old antique shop. I bought an old coat rack there one year at Thanksgiving and it is still in use today.

  5. Oh, we’ve driven thru Wenden many times on the way to/from visiting my parents when they lived in Prescott. I recognize that motel sign. How cute the place is since she fixed it up! Of course we never stopped… with a 6 hour drive, we were always just in a hurry to get there/get home. Terrible, eh?

  6. Oh wow that is so cooL!!!
    I have came across places like that before, and any time I say how wonderful, and lets go get a closer look, my husband has no interest!!! ha! Men! ahahahaha!
    ah well!
    Very gorgeous photos!
    Happy Artsy farsty Tuesday!
    ((husky hugz))

  7. What a cool place! That’s exactly the kind of place I love to stop at when we’re traveling. What a great job she’s done with that old motel.

  8. What a cool place! What I like most about a road trip doing things like that. I understand about the extra money/space thing we don’t have room for anything drives mom nuts! Love Dolly

  9. How very cute! We miss all kinds of good stuff if we just go along the main highways. Maybe next time we will take a scenic detour.

  10. That is one of the coolest upcycles of an old motel that I’ve seen! I love it. There’s an old motel that’s been for sale in our town for years, but I fear it will never be anything that cool!

  11. This is why you guys are so lucky to live your lifestyle! I love finding stuff like this, but don’t really ever get the chance to. This place looks really neat!

  12. What a wonderful find! that is just really cool… did you wonder though how the artist made money with it way out in the middle of … where-ever? I love the bright colors of the buildings.

  13. It’s so nuts that I found this post today, because I was just having a chat with my mother about taking a trip together. We’re trying to reconcile and in my head, I had images similar to your pictures. It would be so nice to just check out a small, artsy town in the southwest.

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