Sonoran Desert Museum — 26 Comments

  1. I AM STUNNED! Wait… are using a LONG lens to get that mountain lion, right? Sorry to show my ignorance of the wild, but they do attack if you’re too close, right? MARY! You captured this creature so beautifully! Were you in a SUV/car when you took these?

    THE BIRDS! The owls? They are splendid photos and again, you could publish your own desert book! This was thoroughly enjoyable for this yet again, cold morning encrusted now with ice. Thank you Mary. HAVE ANOTHER FUN DAY! Anita

    • I was using my 300mm lens, but this is not a drive through park. We were on the other side of a stone wall. There was no way he could get anybody, but it was cool to be so close. The great thing about this place, is everything was in a natural environment, but close.

  2. What a cool zoo to visit. I love all the raptors! Especially the cool owls..The mountain lion is really awesome, great captures.. Have a happy day!

  3. At first we thought this post was for the birds, but then we saw the furs, LOL! Great captures…those first owl ones are amazing!

  4. that cougar was giving you the stink eye! What a wonderful place to be. I love animals and birds fasinate me. Good luck with the show. You can’t have a bad time if there is chocolate, right?

  5. I don’t think I’d want to meet a mountain lion in the wild; we’ve had a few attacks here because we have a lot of natural hilly, wooded areas all around us. So far only one person has survived an attack. That muscle tone in the lion you took pictures of is incredible! I think he was sizing you up with that stare of his…they never stop being predators! Gorgeous bird pics – keep posting, I’m ready for more!

    • They are so sleek and muscular, that’s part of the beauty of them. I love those golden eyes too. But their paws are huge, I would not want to one too close.

  6. gosh, what a neat place! love that so many of the birds are free to come and go as they like. i hope the mammals are well-tended, too. they look like they are!

  7. These are fabulous images and I am not surprised in the least that you took 862 pictures! :) We LOVE visiting the Sonoran Desert Museum!

  8. Fabulous photos. The raptors in flight show was one of our favorites. We didn’t have time to attend the afternoon show when we visited the museum a couple of years ago. I like the way you split the day and will probably do the same when we return. Hope the chocolate fest is very successful for you.

  9. Wow the photos (as always) are fabulous. So are you saying the mountain lion had the zoomies? He sure looked fast in those photos.

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