Sonoran Desert Super Bloom — 15 Comments

  1. that is beautiful… hard to believe that it is a desert… and I love the cacti …our never bloomed, although we have it since nearly 20 years…

    • It is hard to believe it’s the desert this year. Cactus like being wild and free, I’ve decided. I have a couple of them, and one flowered one time last year.

  2. Hello, beautiful collection of desert blooms. The cacti bloom is lovely. I love the hillside of purple. Lovely images, enjoy your day!

  3. Oh Mary, that first “unknown” flower to you, could that be a wild form of AJUGA? The leaves here look very similar to the Ajuga I’ve had and seen! And the flower is purple.

    OH THE HILLS are alive with flowers out there! And we are getting snow. Oh well, we were spoiled with a fake spring but next month, we will truly be inching our way to better days.

    Great shots!

    • I hope you get real spring soon. I have no idea on the flower, sadly. I think I will email it it to one of the flower sites.

  4. You only get one shot at your health, so take it slow. Hope Al is back to normal soon. Who decided what is weed and what is flower? Ever wondered that? The smelly purple weeds are absolutely beautiful with their ornate look, but then again, many weeds do look fancy.

    • One thing a health scare teaches you, is that. And yes, I have wondered many, many times who decides between weeds, and flowers. I hear people saying all the time, I have this, or that weed in my yard, but they are pretty and I like them.

  5. How beautiful! I would never expect to see all of that color in the desert. Glad to hear Al is getting better, even if slowly, and hope you can get back on the road soon.

    • It is an amazing year this year, so un-desert like. I’m not in a huge hurry to get on the road, loving my flowers right now.

  6. Hope Al is doing great. I looked at his site and the fantastic art he produces. Have you guys been to the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, Georgia? Its fantastic.

  7. Oh man – what a bloom! You are so lucky to be there to see it! I sure hope that Al is continuing to improve. It seems like a great spot for recuperation.

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