Spending time with Wild Horses — 5 Comments

  1. Keep on sharing! I can’t get enough of these beauties. I keep saying “Oooo, that one is my favorite”, and then the next photo…”Ooo, THAT one is my favorite” and on it goes. So obviously I just love them all. I noticed that one of the brown guys (pic #6) has a white “3” shape on him! How cool! I absolutely love the two seniors hanging out together and I love to think they were rivals whose youthful rivalry grew into mature respect. :)

  2. I didn’t make it this morning, but this is a perfect time, in the evening, to visit my favorite ANIMALS IN THE WIDE WORLD! Oh Mary, the longing I have in my heart when I see them, and you capture them perfectly. THANK YOU!

  3. I just love how much you have learned about them and how they interact, just by observing so much. They are so beautiful.

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