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Staying healthy in every way — 18 Comments

  1. Nice review! I think the electric toothbrush would freak me out, too. I use vanilla flavoured, but I want to try your peanut butter flavour!

  2. I know when I switched from a regular toothbrush to my Sonicare, it was pretty freaky/tickly the first few times, so it’s no wonder a dog would be a bit put out.

  3. I still like to chew alot so my teeth are OK for now, but I see a toothbrush looming on my horizon in the new future. I don’t think I’d like an electric one though

  4. Boy isn’t this the truth. Two months ago our four year old cat Tres lost 3/4ths of his teeth. His gums absorbed the roots to his teeth resulting in tooth loss. He has only two teeth left. We have to feed him wet food now instead of dry. It cost around three hundred dollars to have teeth cleaned at the Vets. I know Roxy and Torrey will have sparkling teeth thanks to her diligent Mom.

  5. The shape of the toothbrush looks pretty cool and I can see how it would fit a dog’s mouth. You look so good for your teeth brushing Roxy!

  6. Whoa I am impressed you let them brush your teeth! Not sure if I would go for that or not. We know how important my teeth are so for now we are sticking with my Nylabones, but when we are ready to try something we’ll check out the brushes! Love Dolly

  7. We got the electric Zututh brush, my sister tolerates it, I’m terrified and Bailie is indifferent. I think we prefer the manual brush, but with the electric one turned off it is a manual one.

  8. Oh, this reminds me I’m overdue to brush Rita’s teeth. I try to brush them at least a couple times a week – but I can get pretty lazy about it since it’s not her fave thing! Besides, her teeth look pretty good from chewing antlers and what not, so that tends to make me even lazier about it!

    Those treats look interesting. I’ll check those out. My hubs is into making us drink this “green drink” stuff, so that looks like kind of a similar thing for pups!

  9. I don’t think an electric brush would work on Pierson either. He does fine with a regular toothbrush. I just use a generic toothbrush from the grocery store. Is a toothbrush designed specifically for dogs actually better?

  10. Earlier this year I won a dental pack which included finger brushes and a regular tooth brush. I was using the finger brushes, but yesterday I tried the regular brush and it was so much easier! Now I’ve got to get another one. LOL

  11. Your Mom takes such good care of you! We don’t do tooth brushing….the beagles just won’t tolerate it, and I tried about 6 different kinds of toothpaste. Sheba’s teeth stay pretty clean with chewing. You are so good about it, Torrey! If we get any new dogs in the future though, I will start them on tooth brushing early on so that they will get used to it.

  12. I’ve been more or less religiously brushing Donna’s teeth nightly. She only puts up with it because she likes the mint toothpaste, but not the brushing no. An electric toothbrush would have lots of whirring noises and vibration, no? I imagine it will freak Donna out. XD

  13. The dog on the toothbrush package looked like Torrey at first :) I know some people that use a Sonicare toothbrush on their dogs. They like it. I think any kind of electric toothbrush would scare the crap out of Chester and Gretel. Ha, ha.

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