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  1. I don’t make the rounds of blogs much anymore now that my blog is retired but I ALWAYS enjoy seeing your photos and artwork. Al’s too! I admire your talents so much!

  2. We’re following…..and share your frustration and anger at what is happening to the horses. I’m watching your art work site also….always looking for just the right capture of a horses eye. I once saw a painting, a close up of part of a bay’s face, including a very “worried” eye, that I identified with so powerfully. I’d love to have a representation of that painting for my own…..I felt it was one of my old horses looking at me, he had that same “peaked” eye. Who knows, maybe you’ll see that same viewpoint and capture it!

  3. Hi Mary! For some reason, I’m not getting notification for your other site. The fight continues and sometimes everything that is happening to our earth, the creatures and to humanity is so overwhelming and what’s sad is that we could actually stop so much of it.

  4. You’re one of “THE BEST!” ; One of the dearest brave hearts arround;with many others I know and love; trying our best to save these beautiful creatures.

  5. It’s always nice to know you are still out there. Beautiful horse photos. Hope something will be done to save the wild horses.

  6. The thought of that roundup makes me so sad (and mad), and I know it is so much worse for you since you are so close to them. I hope something can be done. ♥

  7. Thank you so much for all you do to try to save these noble creatures. Unfortunately greed continues to win the day in most of the world but sometimes we have a victory because of people like you.

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