The streets of Jackson Hole — 24 Comments

  1. Some like the hustle and bustle of the city or being in a town. We like to be a bit outside, but not too far. Looks like a beautiful and fun spot to be.

  2. I love seeing these places through your tours, but I’m like you – I don’t care much for the tourist attractions, I prefer off-map areas and the “real world” of the folks who live there. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve gone somewhere and, upon our return, our friends ask, “Did you go to the [insert big-name-attraction here]?” “Did you get your picture taken with the stuffed Bigfoot?” and we always disappoint them with “No, not interested in that sort of thing, we were canoeing down the river no one ever heard of and saw the most incredible wildlife and scenery” or “we stayed in the outskirts of town and mingled with the residents, but we found the BEST places to eat and see, untouched by PR people”. That’s my kind of trip!

  3. They’re really both wonderfully spontaneous photos .. love the post and thanks for dropping in at Pixelventues!

  4. Looks like a neat town, even if it is full of tourists! John went there to ski one winter. He didn’t take any photos however.

  5. Old time photos and they didn’t even put an ‘e’ on the end of old? How inauthentic! lol

    Those antler arches are quite something, though.

  6. Would love to go explore that area some time. (And avoid the tourist traps!) Wonder what dogs think of that antler arch!? That’s a lotta CHEWS!

  7. I really loves these glimpses of the ‘old west’ that you give us. Can you tell me why it’s called the “Million Dollar Bar?”

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