Such a beautiful morning — 21 Comments

  1. Oh, how majestic. I wonder what the world would be like if everyone wakes up in this kind of morning. :)It would have been a happier world. :)

  2. Gorgeous sunrise! I would be there taking pictures too.. A lovely start to any day! Torrey is so cute! Enjoy your day!

  3. Torrey has SUCH enthusiasm, and she will help lead the way into a new adventure dearest Mary! And like you, I can never, ever get enough of a sunrise or a sunset, or of the sun’s powerful rays in midday. Nope, I can’t get enough because every day that I see the light in a new way, I remember my life. I am writing about it….

    Have another remarkable day! Anita

  4. Looks like a perfect day! Sometimes mom gets asked if she doesn’t have enough photos of us dogs, but no, like you, each one is unique and she needs more.

  5. Absolutely magnificent sunrise photos. And how amazing that all those different colors and textures can be viewed from the same place, just in different directions! I actually didn’t think your last post hinted at you giving up your blog, I figured you’d take us along for the journey even to places less wanted. :) I’m so glad that was a correct interpretation! That photo of Torrey enjoying a good run is priceless.

  6. Sole captured early brings light to your soul each morning. Walking in the light, rising early, pondering what if I had missed this.

  7. I am always pleased when someone posts photos of the sunrise since it is something generally miss:) I think of myself as a sunset person:) Gorgeous photos! Love all the color.

  8. I have to read yesterday’s post before I can comment on that, but wow, what beautiful photos you have there. I imagine I wouldn’t mind getting up so early if that was the sunrise I was seeing.

  9. That sounds like a perfect morning! I think it’s nice that you and Torrey have a nice walk together at a pace you enjoy.

  10. Ah, what a sunrise! The Runner always asks me the same thing about our sunsets – How many do I need? I’ll use your answer next time. The sunrise photos here are incredible!

    I’m glad that someone can keep up with your hiking pace! The Runner and I have a similar mis-match. He kinda saunters along, and I like to go fast (but not as fast as you)! So, for our family evening walks, I slow down to make everyone happy!

  11. Mom apologizes for not commenting yesterday but she did read it. We hope that you find a solution when you leave the desert so that you can continue to live your idyllic lifestyle which suits you so well. Love Dolly

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