Sunset over the lake — 20 Comments

  1. Oh Mary, you and me both love the water.And I took my first sunrise shot early last week and posted it on IG. I was very pleased! Now I want to take a sunset photo over the lakes as well. Enjoy your week and I hope Al is better? Anita

  2. Good morning, lovely sunset captures. Love the osprey too. A beautiful end to your day! Have a happy monday and new week ahead!

  3. the sunset is wonderful… I would love to sit on such a peaceful place … watching the birds and the water while doing nothing than to enjoy the beautiful things around me :o)

  4. Gorgeous! Even though we’ve had gray cloudy days, we’ve managed to have some lovely sunsets. But I can’t do them justice with my camera like you can!

  5. Gorgeous photos, Mary. I love the water too…there is just something so peaceful about it. When my hubby had his fishing boat, we had a favorite little lake to take it on where we could always watch the Osprey doing their fishing (even though he complained they were getting all the good fish…LOL).

  6. I agree wholeheartedly. I often think it must be because our species originated in the water that we’re so drawn to it and happy when we’re near it. Lovely post.

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