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Surveying my domain — 21 Comments

  1. intense to put it mildly!!Those sunset pictures are stunning. We are having some mild weather with blue skys and mare’s tails in the sky. A FEW RAIN SHOWERS IN THE MORNING WITH SOME BREEZES. SPRINGTIME IS IN THE AIR

  2. Torrey, LOOK at the yellows and lavenders in that second photo! I love it! You get to see such beautiful sunsets. We are always jealous.
    *Cairn cuddles* for you and Roxy,

  3. It sure is beautiful there Torrey!! And the sunsets/sunrises are amazing. Do you ever feel a little isolated and exposed out there? I’m afraid I would.

  4. So very Lion King! “Everything the light touches is your domain!”
    If you meet some hyenas or a dude named Scar, I’d advise you to keep your distance.
    Hakuna matata!

  5. Oh my gosh, that looks PERFECT, Torrey! Between the sunsets and the ultimate privacy, we would be in heaven there. Oh, and the fact that it’s WARM. :)

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