Taking the back roads in Nebraska and South Dakota — 15 Comments

  1. Oh, that one particular one looks like a modern day STONEHENGE! The interior of that old building with the aqua walls is absolutely beautiful, especially for those of us who love ruins of any kind. They tell the story.


    • I love old buildings, and this one was pretty fun to find. The cars are meant to look like stonehenge, pretty cool huh?

  2. the house touched my heart… I would love to give it a new life… even when that would be probably eggs-tremely over my budget :o)

  3. The house is amazing!!! And the window is very interesting too…as were the cars. It is simply amazing what can be found on the back roads of our country. I have trouble understanding why people have a need to go overseas when there is so very much to see right here!!

  4. Mary, I hope you sometimes sit back and give yourself a pat on the back – your photography skills have continued to grow over the years and your eye for interesting pictures has really developed into the ability to see pictures where many people would miss them. Well done and thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you, that is very kind. I do look back at older photos and I can see how I’ve progressed. I am always trying to get that different shot.

  5. Hello, traveling the back roads is fun! I love the carhenge photos. Wonderful series of photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  6. Your old building may have been the school, church, and gathering place. Looks like a remote enough place for that kind of multi-use.

    No matter how many places you do, you never run out of interesting things to see, huh?

    • It was pretty remote, so that’s what we thought too. And no, we never run out of interesting things to see. That’s the funnest part of this whole thing.

  7. Very cool old building! We (2 of my sisters and I) are driving to So Dak this summer. Not sure we’ll have time – but I’ll have to look and see if we’ll be anywhere near Carhenge on the way there or back.

  8. Those drives are so boring, but we love it when we see neat old buildings like the one you found.

  9. Backroads and small towns are the best – everything else I can see in magazines and on TV! Touristy spots are not for me, I like the *real* America. That is such a cool building, especially the picture of the outside. But how weird that they left the piano behind! Places like that are so fascinating – endless stories can be imagined.

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