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The 6 Best Destinations in the U.S for Chocolate cake Lovers — 7 Comments

  1. MARY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My heart skipped a beat when I saw that you featured our absolutely favorite pâtisserie that I just discovered: PATISSERIE 46! Another Twin Cities Instagramer featured a confection that she got at P46 on her feed and I had to discover this place. We’ve been there four times already in just one week! We were there yesterday at 9:30am and the place was packed. Salty Tart I don’t know, but I must find out if they have an actual brick and mortar shop!

    Well then, I had no idea chocolate had so many dedicated dates to its existence. HAIL TO CHOCOLATE! And….happy Valentines!

  2. Thank you for this list of must-places to visit if you are a chocolate lover. I have been to Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery in Seattle – at both the locations. But not to any of the others. I am planning to visit New York later this year, and will have to look up your suggestions when I get there. :-)

  3. No thanks, although they do look great! I love my recipe…canned pumpkin and chocolate cake mix with chocolate chips…moist, delicious and no oil/eggs!…:)JP

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