The art of Mother Earth — 18 Comments

  1. Thanks Mary for capturing this intense beauty of Nature for us. Have you ever seen the Northern lights? I did on a walk one morning and it scared me as I didn’t know what it was. A big flash of color in the sky! Then I realized what I saw and was overwhelmed.

  2. I love the richness of the colors in the first Jan 30th photo but of course, each photo is beautiful in its own way. Your photos have really captured the magic of a sunrise.

  3. OMD! Abso!utely stunning,!!!
    I a! A huge fan of sun sets and rises also! They are so beautiful and peaceful and just a serene feeling when up you are able to catch them,
    ((Husky hugz))
    Frum da pack at Love is being owned by a husky

  4. I’m generally not one for catching sunrise, but I love watching sunset. Ours generally aren’t that spectacular though. You are very lucky to be surrounded by that natural beauty.

    BTW, whenever I question if pink and orange go together, I think about sunsets. :-)

  5. Of course, they are all gorgeous but I love the clouds in the 1-19 photo….they are so unique. The clouds are really what make them so spectacular, aren’t they? I love the outdoors and nature, and need to spend more time watching the sun rise.

  6. Wow – awesome shots! I think the sunrises have the sunsets beat, just because the clouds are more interesting in the ones you’ve captured.
    I’m rarely (willingly) up for the sunrise, so it’s particularly enjoyable when I get to catch one!

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