The beautiful night time sky — 13 Comments

  1. Hello, beautiful series of night shots. The stars and moon are just lovely, great captures. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. Great night skies!
    It’s a little too cold here to admire the sky for long; that and the constantly falling snow make it hard to remember what a clear night sky look like ;-)

  3. I love night photography, and I can tell you had ideal conditions!!!! I found a great book that is guiding me through learning about it called Night Sky Photography by Jennifer Wu and James Martin. The hardest part is focusing because, believe it or not, the stars become pin-point when the focus is set at well less than infinity distance (crazy, I know). A fun website is Lonely Speck, and it actually has a device for sale that takes the guesswork out of focusing on the stars. It’s a little expensive so I haven’t decided yet whether to get one.

    Anyway, I love your photos! I’m so glad you have such very dark skies and can share them with us!

  4. I think the stars turned outYou are in such a great place for photographing the sky! I like your photos. The sky over Ontario is clear (for a change) but it’s way too cold to be out photographing the stars.

  5. I must have missed the light painting post. What is that?

    I love the night sky! Our first walk of the morning is one of my favorites. The sky is a dark inky blue, the trees are silhouetted against it and the stars are out too. Of course they aren’t nearly as bright or as plentiful as the ones you see, but it is truly a calming and zen moment. To imagine how tiny one is in the vastness of the universe.

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