The cutest niece ever — 18 Comments

  1. Your niece is so cute, adorable photo. And I love all the doggies.. Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  2. Not all of us dogs get along. I guess she is just trying to protect her family and doesn’t realize you are part of it too.

  3. Oh my goodness…..cute CITY! She is a delightful little charmer, then there’s the canine category….absolutely PRECIOUS, Mary!!

  4. you have made a good connection with your niece. The older I get I see things differently and my wants change. Little things are more important to me. I learn so many things from animals and children and other people. Your just a fun aunt and caring person especaily with critters.

  5. Your niece is beautiful!! Love that you got to play real hands on games on the floor:)

    Dogs are so funny. I love Mitsy’s eyes keeping an evil eye on things.

  6. absolutely gorgeous little girl!! Mitzy is a real cutie, I can’t criticize Mitzy because other dogs are NOT on Dakota’s “Top Ten” list either!

  7. Oh how precious! You must love visiting them. Poor Mitzy, sounds like she’s not accustomed to other dogs – a real people pet, huh? lol Your niece is a beautiful, special young lady!

  8. Your niece is beautiful, as is her faithful companion Mitzy. (My uncle’s Bichon is named Mitzy too!) Daisy isn’t enamored with the idea of another dog coming into our house either – she’s got a bit of the territorial green-eyed monster in her. Sounds like you had such a lovely visit. :)

  9. Oh, she’s a cutie indeed! Love the pics of the dogs eye-balling each other, too. Mmmmmm. Scones! We had scones this weekend. (Homemade carrot-cake scones.)

  10. Sounds like a fabulous visit, especially with your niece (great photos of her!). She’s a genius, if she’s reading already :)

    The dog dynamics sound fascinating. I’m glad that everyone knows how to stay out of trouble so there are no fights. Mmmm, I love scones. Great visit!

  11. What a beautiful niece! It was the same when mom and I visited Grandma, Taffy was very protective of her house, and her mom! But we’re pals now! Love Dolly

  12. She is adorable. I love that she is playing games and not actually watching television all day long, which is what some kids seem to do.

    As for the dogs, it’s good they are only wary of each other and not fighting. :-)

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