The Face of DeSoto — 17 Comments

  1. WOW. You really are an artist with the lens and all the digital sources for elevating the ordinary to new levels. I really never noticed car hood ornaments either, but see? This is what poets both with words and images do. They help us notice what is invisible to the naked eye. Fabulous.

    • I like to find the different, and then use digital to make it more interesting. Some of the old cars had wonderful hood ornaments.

  2. I never saw it so close and I had no clue … de soto’s are super rare here… lame excuse I know hahahaha. but that’s a good reminder for myself to look closer while wandering around :o)

  3. I’m not a car person but I do like the old hood ornaments, they remind me of the figures from old ships. You’ve done a very nice job or elevating this one to art, which I’m sure it seemed to many when it first rolled out, glinting in the sun.

  4. Hello, cool images! The old hood ornaments are awesome! Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  5. Very cool pics! I’ve always liked old hood ornaments – did you know that some were actually designed and made by Rene Lalique? I’ll bet antique car enthusiasts will love your images!

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