The golden hour for photography — 25 Comments

  1. Mary, OH MARY! That piece of the rainbow, that first photo as well with just the right golden light….you are a master at this. Now, I told my husband the other day that I really need to go out and get a new pair of glasses; I have been having a hard time reading with my current pair, and I noticed lately that my photography is really getting blurry. I HOPE that a new pair of glasses will help me focus better because as I study your photos, your EYE for the right angle and lighting is so impressive. I wonder if being able to SEE BETTER will help me! HAHAHAHHHHHHAHAA!

    Lovely, lovely and so moving are your photos!

  2. Sorry to see you leaving your desert digs. Really enjoyed being with you guys (via IPad of course). But I’m positive we’ll be seeing a lot more in the coming days. Have a great show.

    PS – Love the red blooms on that tall cactus bush in your first shot.

  3. More stunning photos – those last two took my breath away. The red barrel cactus is amazing! What an unusual burst of color to find in the desert. I’m SO with you about hating cities, but hey, if you have to go, it certainly softens the experience if you have good food and wine! ;) Good luck at the show, hope you both do well.

  4. I’m going to send your blog link to my cousin Judi, hopefully she’ll follow your travels and someday you’ll meet. I know she was in Arizona recently and she is in Wyoming often. Enjoy the show and try to find some good in those big old nasty cities! Love Dolly

  5. I have never heard of this Golden hour….. You captures the most beautiful photos so it must be true. I love the Barrel cactus the most. Good luck at the art festival.

  6. I love the rainbow shot where it meets the ground. You can almost make out the pot of gold sitting there on the ground. Gorgeous!

  7. I loved the golden hour pictures. Hope everything goes well this weekend at your show. I’m not quite close enough to come visit – Virginia’s just a little too far away.

    I posted this about the golden hour when WordPress did a weekly challenge on it. I just had to share since (as usual) I was off on a different tangent.

    Okay, it’s not letting me put the link here. If you go to my blog and search on “golden” it’s the first one that comes up.

  8. I love the Golden Hours more than any other time of the day. You definitely made some magic during the Goldens Hours! I feel the same way as you about big cities but sometimes they are necessary…

  9. I think the golden hour is a misnomer. Doesn’t the lighting you’re talking about last less than 1 hour? Either way, I love those last images the best, a golden sun peeking through dark clouds. Just beautiful.

  10. I had never heard about the golden hour, but I think those photos definitely proved that theory to be true! I hope your time in the city goes well, and you can get back to the wilderness soon!

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