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  1. beautiful morning and glorious photos Mary. Fall is my favorite season. Its a relaxing time with rich colors that comfort me. I love the way you captured it in your photos today. A note about those bull rushes or cat tails….I have read that the Native women would use the fluff inside the cat tails for a diaper material for their babies and also parts of the plant and roots had edible parts also. They sure are abundant.

  2. Fall is my ‘golden’ time of the year too Mary. I love the colours and the feel of the air and the anticipation of snows yet to fall and the promise of long dark nights by the fire.

    for me, fall is mellow. The time of gathering together, of preparing my hearth and heart for long winter nights, for rest, for rejuvenation, for the cycle of life continuing.

    Your photos are beautiful!

    thank you for awakening my day with such glorious colour.

  3. Fall is my favorite season because of the gorgeous colors. Summer decided to make a late appearance here, so we’re not seeing too much color yet. I’ll just enjoy yours while we’re waiting. :)

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